Torben M. Andersen

Professor, lic.oecon., PhD
School of Economics and Management
Room 323, Building 1326


Education: MSc 1981, lic.oecon. 1984, PhD 1986
Position: Professor, 1989

Administrative Assistant: Birgitte H°jklint Nielsen

Contact: Phone: +45 8942 1609 E-mail:

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Torben M. Andersen is  Professor at the School of Economics and Management. He received his PhD from CORE, UniversitÚ Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, 1986, and holds a Lic. Oecon (1984) from University of Aarhus, and a MSc, fromLondon School of Economics 1981. His primary research and teaching interests are in the economics of the welfare state, labour economics and fiscal policy. He is affiliated to a number of research institutions including CEPR (London), CESifo (Munich), Iza (Bonn), SNS (Stockholm) and the Kiel Institute. Torben M. Andersen has been intensively involved in policy advice in Denmark and abroad, and he has among other things been chairman of the Danish Economic Council,and the Danish Welfare Commission. He is currently a member of the Swedish fiscal policy council

Teaching Interests Research Interests
  • Economics of the welfare state
  • Macroeconomics
  • Labour Economics

  • Scandinavian welfare model
  • Labour market policy
  • Ageing and fiscal sustainability
  • Globalization

Selected Publications
  • Increasing longevity and social security reforms - a legislative procedure approach, Journal of Public Economics. To appear
  • The Scandinavian Model - Prospects and Challenges, International Tax and Public Finance, Special Issue, 2008, 15:45-66.
  • Financial restraints in a mature welfare state - the case of Denmark, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 2006 (joint with Lars Haagen Pedersen)
  • International Interdependencies in Fiscal Stabilization Policies (with Morten Spange), European Economic Review. 2006, 50, 1169-1195
  • International transmission of transitory and persistent monetary shocks under imperfect information, (with Niels C. Beier), Journal of International Economics, 2005 66, 485-507.
  • Nominal and real propagation of nominal shocks, Economic Journal, 2004, 174-195.